Can digital marketing be automated ?

When talking anything digital our minds wonder off to this notion of robotics or automation, well mine does when I think anything digital. You see in most cases structures and systems can be put in place in order to automate the process and do the heavy lifting. In most cases, manual human intervention is still required.

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As we live in a digital age, with various social media platforms delivering sound, video and image content, I believe that a large chunk of the work can be automated, however, digital marketers still have set the parameters, define the campaigns, strategize our deliverables, determine our target market, build our sales funnels, set up a leads database and send out emails. Wow that’s a mouthful. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting away from the work or the workload when it comes to marketing. That is why it is so important to find a someone who specialises in digital marketing within your market; you want to get it right the first time. With this digital age every platform, every detail, every campaign becomes highly specialised.

Now you ask me, “…but wait you said some work can be automated.” The part of the value chain that can be automated once set up, is the running of your Face Book ads, Google Ads, data and lead capturing and then confirmation or thank you e-mail. That does form a large part of the work, but the setting up and researching the work in order to get it right the ‘first time’ and make the campaign a success is most important. If this is done correctly, the leads and conversions will follow, and a solid data base of potential customers will develop.

In conclusion, the thought of a digital marketing being automated completely is not possible, however we have amazing software that provides some help in order to facilitate and assist this mindset of automation.

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