I post on Facebook, how are you different?

That is a very good question and one has to understand how FB works in order to answer this question. Facebook just like any other social media platform is a business, and a very good one I might add. Just like any other good business Facebook wants to maximize its revenue, its reach and gather as much information from users across the world as possible.

This information does not come cheap and Facebook allows marketers to use this information in a very positive way. Hold this thought, I will come back to it in a moment.

If you post something on your wall, chances are that not a lot of people will see your post, this is called organic posting. Research from Social@Ogilvy suggests that for Pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%. Based on the figures above, that means a Page with 10,000 fans could expect just 650 of them to actually see that Page’s posts in their News Feeds. Wow that is insane, only 2% of people see your post organically, that is a very low number. If you are planning to build your brand, increase your likes make sales through your FB page, I have to tell you that based on those figures your chance of success is very low.

How do I increase those stats? you might ask. Well you have to advertise is the most simple answer, it not the only answer, but most cost effective to achieve a return on investment. Now that is where we at The Digital Ninja can help you, we have studied and understand how Facebook algorithms work, we will building Audiences , installing tracking codes and structure campaigns that generate leads optimise your conversion and increase sales to your Microblading Salon.

Microblading is a very niche industry, and the service is in great demand among women, tapping into that specific market successfully and increasing your salons sales revenue, you will have to align yourself with a digital marketer to achieve these results.

Here at The Digital Ninja we have laser focused strategy that will increase leads, increase conversions and ultimately increase sales revenue. That is what sets us apart, strategy and an amazing winning formula. Traditional marketing is outdated, slow and definitely not effective. The Digital Ninja applies the latest knowledge and skills when it comes to marketing online, unlike others we track our clients performance, enhance the campaign and refine the audiences to achieve money back guaranteed results.

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That is what sets us apart from the rest, if you are interested in a FREE Audit, click HERE and let us grow your business.

The Digital Ninja

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